Adjustment of the graphic file received from the customer (produced by agencies usually for offset printing), optimizing it for flexo printing.

Analysis of the criticalities and identification of the most suitable technical solutions.

Development of the packaging respecting the technical specifications for printing with the best software: Adobe, Esko, Hybrid.


Colour management

Registration of the printing profile of the Converter, chromatic layout and production of certified proofs on paper or film with GMG colorproof on an Epson or Approval by Kodak plotter.



Creation of Mock-ups of the packaging on the pre-chosen support for a preview evaluation with the customer of the printing and production result.


Production of polymers

Engraving of digital photopolymers for flexo printing or supply of the final file (ArtPro, Packz, PDF) ready for press.


Quality control

Strict quality control of every single photopolymer made. Analysis of all the working phases, with verification of the correctness of the printing plates.



Technical support by our personnel at the start of printing.

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