As the Brand Owner you can have all the advantages of our experience in packaging.

We can assure uniform results and quality independently of the type of printing for all your products and for your Brand.

Thanks to our experience, we have also been able to see that customers need to have access conveniently and quickly to all the artwork and files developed over the years  .

To meet this need, we offer our customers a management service for all their archives through  Proofscope,  an application that can effectively centralize and optimize the display and cycle of approval of the files.

The customer like all the suppliers who are given this possibility, can access the archive of works at any time through the web and manage, according to their requirements, the archives projects, including on mobile devices.

Despite the simple and rapid accessibility for use, Proof Scope guarantees maximum privacy and security including for company systems of large dimensions.

One of the features that makes this program very useful for many companies is its flexibility.  Many functionalities and components can be integrated into the service, which is thus developed “made to measure” according to the needs of the various customers.

Fotolito Veneta  supports the companies that decide to use this service through a dedicated operator who will organize and administer the platform.

To be connected, please type the following address into your Internet browser:

To print your packaging on plastic material, to print labels and your boxes, feel free to share your ideas with us!

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